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ESR 11 - Sigurd Flagan – joins Richard Warbuton’s Group (University of Basel)

posted Oct 18, 2016, 4:49 AM by Sally A Greenhough

Spin-NANO is delighted to welcome Sigurd to the network.  Sigurd will carry out a range of spectroscopy experiments on NV centres in diamond, work on fabrication of thin diamond membranes and development of nano-photonic components for efficient light extraction from spin impurities at UB; visit HPL to work on dielectric deposition and to participate in development of high quality DBRs; Attocube and JPE to develop/learn advanced nano-positioning techniques; USFD to work on fabrication of concave mirrors (using FIB) and GaP mini-lenses (using special polishing techniques) at the EPSRC National III-V Technology centre in Sheffield.

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