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Sheffield welcome two new ESRs

posted Apr 27, 2016, 4:49 AM by Sally A Greenhough   [ updated Jun 20, 2016, 2:02 AM ]
Alessandro Catanzaro and Luca Sortino (both from Italy) are the first ESRs to be appointed and will be based at the University of Sheffield - See Meet the Team.  

ESR1 (USFD) will carry out cw micro-photoluminescence experiments on TMDCs at USFD, ultra-fast spectroscopy at CNRS, work on gate-defined TMDC quantum dots at ETH (Imamoglu), be trained in fabrication of TMDC heterostructures at UMAN-NGI and HQG, where ESR1 will receive induction on TMDC crystal growth.

ESR2 (USFD) will develop novel tunable microcavities at USFD and carry out cw micro-photoluminescence experiments on spin impurities in diamond and TMDCs, be seconded to HPL (Clarke) to learn dielectric deposition techniques and participate in development of high quality DBRs, will work with Attocube, JPE and UB to develop advanced nano-positioning techniques and participate in development of high-stability tunable microcavities; will carry out quantum optics experiments at UCAM.