Meet the Team

Early Stage Researchers will be added during 2016 as they are recruited.


ESR 1 - Alessandro Catanzaro

University of Sheffield



ESR 2 - Luca Sortino

University of Sheffield


ESR 3 - Alejandro Rodriguez

University of Cambridge


ESR 4 - Najwa Sidqi

Helia Photonics

ESR 5 - Andrii Volkovskyi

Technical University of Munich


ESR 6 - Matt Brooks

University of Konstanz

ESR 7 - Samarth Vadia 

attocube systems AG

I am currently an Early Stage Researcher at attocube and I am affiliated with Prof. Högele’s group at LMU Munich for my PhD. My current research focus is on improving dry cryostat setup for scanning cavity experiments. These tunable cavities would be used to couple quantum emitters, e.g. transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs) or NV centers, and study their properties. 


ESR 8 - Marco Manca

National Centre for Scientific Research

The Network is co-ordinated by The University of Sheffield



Prof Alexander Tartakovskii

Project Co-ordinator






Sally Greenhough

Project Administrator



Dr Sandrine Soubes

Research Development Manager

(31 Mar 2017-31 Dec 2019)



Dr Elizabeth Baggaley

Research Development Manager

(01 Oct 2016-31 Mar 2017)


ESR 9 - Riccardo Pisoni

ETH Zürich


ESR 10 - Aroosa Ijaz 

ETH Zürich

I am a PhD student in the Quantum Photonics Group at ETHZ. I am working on understanding the fascinating phenomena that occur in two dimensional semiconductor materials at quantum scale. The aim is not only to contribute to the existing knowledge in this field but also to tailor these materials for useful quantum devices. What motivates me is the opportunity to learn new things everyday that fuel my fierce passion for physics!


ESR 11 - Sigurd Flagan

University of Basel 

ESR 12 - Yanick Volpez

University of Basel


ESR 13 - Valeria Cimini

Delft University of Technology


ESR 14 - Stephan Philips

Delft University of Technology


ESR 15 - Fabio Ansaloni

University of Copenhagen