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Implementing your Career Development Plan (CDP)

This section of the TNA form (Page 10) is where you bring together all the information to set out a clear plan for your short and long term future.

Short-term objectives
- Tips for filling in this section - 

Start by summarising your PhD – using just 2 or 3 short sentences write down the aims / focus of your PhD project. 

Give yourself a specific time frame to work to – make a record of the things you want to achieve and when you want to achieve them.  For example:

Try to divide up your research work in to sub-sections and set yourself deadlines for completing each sub-section.
Set out the number of publications you would like to achieve and when you would like to have them written-up in draft form.
List which research skills you need to acquire training in and when you plan to do this.
Decide on a conference to attend and make a note of the abstract and application deadline.
List any other skills you need feel you need to develop (communication, scientific writing, and teaching), identify some training courses and potential dates.

Reviewing your progress – When you review your CDP plan every 6 months, highlight which targets from your previous CPD you have already achieved. 

Long-term career objectives
- Tips for filling in this section -

What’s your plan after your PhD? – if you know what you want to do, then write it down here, and detail any extra training / experience you will need to achieve this.

If you don’t know what you want to do, why not list a few potential career plans and make it your aim to learn more about them (what the job is like day-to-day and what skills and experience you will need to do the job).