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Governance Structure


The Supervisory Board is the ultimate decision-making body of the consortium.

The Supervisory Board shall be free to act on its own initiative to formulate proposals and take decisions in accordance with the procedures set out herein. In addition, all proposals made by the Training Board shall also be considered and decided upon by the Supervisory Board.

The following decisions shall be taken by the Supervisory Board:
  • Content, finances and intellectual property rights
  • Proposals for changes to Annexes 1 and 2 of the Grant Agreement to be agreed by the Funding Authority
  • Changes to the Consortium Plan
  • Modifications to Attachment 1 (Background Included) according to 9.1.2
  • Additions to Attachment 3 (List of Third Parties for simplified transfer according to Section 8.2.2)
  • Additions to Attachment 4 (identified Affiliated Entities)
  • Modifications to Attachment B (Consortium Plan Budget)
Evolution of the consortium
  • Entry of a new Party to the consortium and approval of the settlement on the conditions of the accession of such a new Party
  • Withdrawal of a Party from the consortium and the approval of the settlement on the conditions of the withdrawal
  • Identification of a breach by a Party of its obligations under this Consortium Agreement or the Grant Agreement
  • Declaration of a Party to be a Defaulting Party
  • Remedies to be performed by a Defaulting Party
  • Termination of a Defaulting Party's participation in the consortium and measures relating thereto
  • Proposal to the Funding Authority for a change of the Coordinator
  • Proposal to the Funding Authority for suspension of all or part of the Project
  • Proposal to the Funding Authority for termination of the Project and the Consortium Agreement

Alexander Tartakovskii

USFD (Chair)

Mete Atatüre


Caspar Clark


Friedemann Reinhard


Guido Burkard


Khaled Karraï


Bernhard Urbaszek


Richard J Warburton


Lieven Vandersypen


Klaus Ensslin

ETH Zurich

Ferdinand Kuemmeth



The Training Board is responsible for overseeing the quality of the network-wide training of ESRs and for ensuring that scientific/technological training is balanced with transferable skills training appropriate to the needs of each recruited researcher. The Training Board will also oversee the quality and quantity of supervision of the ESRs and shall report to and be accountable to the Supervisory Board. 

The centralised management of the training program will be overseen by the Training Board (TB) of the consortium comprising: the Coordinator, four node coordinators, four representatives from Partner Organisations, and a representative of the project ESRs elected for a period of one year by the ESRs (hereinafter "Training Board Members"). A Training Manager will be appointed by the Coordinator to coordinate its activities.
  • Minutes of Training Board meetings, once accepted, shall be sent by the chairperson to the Supervisory Board Members for information.
  • The Coordinator shall chair all meetings of the Training Board, unless decided otherwise by a majority of two-thirds.
  • The Training Board shall prepare the meetings, propose decisions and prepare the agenda of the Supervisory Board.
  • It shall seek a consensus among the Parties.
  • The Training Board shall be responsible for the proper execution and implementation of the decisions of the Supervisory Board.
  • The Training Board shall monitor the effective and efficient implementation of the Project.
In addition, the Training Board shall collect information at least every 6 months on the progress of the Project, examine that information to assess the compliance of the Project with the Consortium Plan and, if necessary, propose modifications of the Consortium Plan to the Supervisory Board.

The Training Board shall:
  • support the Coordinator in preparing meetings with the Funding Authority and in preparing related data and deliverables
  • prepare the content and timing of press releases and joint publications by the consortium or proposed by the Funding Authority in respect of the procedures of the Grant Agreement Article 29
  • oversee the quality of the research training programme and ensure an adequate balance
  • between scientific/technological and transferable skills training
  • ensure that the skills acquired by ESRs fulfil the needs of both academia and the non-academic sector in order to enhance the intersectoral employability of the ESRs
  • establish an active and continuous communication and exchange of best practice among the Parties, Partner Organisations, ESR and any stakeholders involved in the Project to maximise the benefits of the partnership
  • oversee the quality and quantity of supervision of the ESRs
  • review the training and research plan every 6 months
  • evaluate and explore possible Intellectual Property commercial exploitation
In the case of abolished tasks as a result of a decision of the Supervisory Board, the Training Board shall advise the Supervisory Board on ways to rearrange tasks and budgets of the Parties concerned. Such rearrangement shall take into consideration the legitimate commitments taken prior to the decisions, which cannot be cancelled.


Alexander Tartakovskii

USFD (Chair)

Guido Burkard


Ferdinand Kuemmeth


Klaus Ensslin


Mete Atatüre


Sandrine Soubes (USFD)

01/01/2016 – 31/10/2016

31/03/2017 – 31/12/2019

Elizabeth Baggeley (USFD)

01/10/2016 – 31/03/2017 

USFD (appointed as Training Manager/Research Development Manager)


Niko Tombros

HQ Graphene

Huub Janssen

Janssen Precision Engineering

Matthew Markham


Luca Sortino (Year 1 - 04/04/2016)

Matt Brooks (Year 2 - 19/01/2017)

Elected ESR


The Coordinator - Prof Alexander Tartakovskii

The Coordinator is the legal entity acting as the intermediary between the Parties and the Funding Authority. The Coordinator shall, in addition to its responsibilities as a Party, perform the tasks assigned to it as described in the Grant Agreement and this Consortium Agreement.

The Coordinator shall be the intermediary between the Parties and the Funding Authority and shall perform all tasks assigned to it as described in the Grant Agreement and in this Consortium Agreement.

In particular, the Coordinator shall be responsible for:
  • monitoring compliance by the Parties with their obligations
  • keeping the address list of Members and other contact persons updated and available
  • collecting, reviewing to verify consistency and submitting reports, other deliverables (including financial statements and related certifications) and specific requested documents to the Funding Authority
  • transmitting documents and information connected with the Project to any other Parties concerned
  • administering the financial contribution of the Funding Authority and fulfilling the financial tasks described in Section 7.3
  • providing, upon request, the Parties with official copies or originals of documents which are in the sole possession of the Coordinator when such copies or originals are necessary for the Parties to present claims.
  • If one or more of the Parties is late in submission of any Project deliverable, the Coordinator may nevertheless submit the other parties' Project deliverables and all other documents required by the Grant Agreement to the Funding Authority in time.
If the Coordinator fails in its coordination tasks, the Supervisory Board may propose to the Funding Authority to change the Coordinator.
The Coordinator shall not be entitled to act or to make legally binding declarations on behalf of any other Party or of the consortium, unless explicitly stated otherwise in the Grant Agreement or this Consortium Agreement

The Coordinator shall not enlarge its role beyond the tasks specified in this Consortium Agreement and in the Grant Agreement.

Training Manager/Research Development Manager – Dr Sandrine Soubes

The Training Manager is appointed by the Coordinator. He/she is responsible for the success of the training activities and the communication among all ERS about training needs.

He/she will lead respective actions in the Training Board meetings. He/she will liaise with the ESR representatives, individual supervisors, industrial partners and the local workshop planning committee to adjust the training strategy and the network meetings. 

Scientific Coordinator

The Scientific Coordinator is the Coordinator, Prof A Tartakovskii. He is the reference for research issues, monitors the scientific progress in each work package group and ensures integration across different research themes and work packages. He can suggest new activities for network meetings or for online content and set the agenda for the research-related discussion at the Training Board meetings.

ESR Supervisors

The ESR supervisors are in charge of recruitment and selection of the ESRs, will meet regularly with the ESR to discuss progress and provide scientific guidance and training. They assist the ESRs in drawing up a Career Development Plan and monitor their training progress.

Matt Brooks - elected 19.06.2017
Luca Sortino - elected 19.06.2016

ESR Representative

The ESR Representative acts on behalf of the ESRs at Training Board level and is entitled to one vote. It is elected by and among the ESRs by majority of 2/3 for a period of 12 months.  After such period, a new election will take place.

Advisory Board (AB)

An Advisory Board (AB) will be appointed and steered by the Training Board. The AB shall assist and facilitate the decisions made by the Supervisory Board. The Coordinator is authorised to execute with each member of the AB a non-disclosure agreement, which terms shall be not less stringent than those stipulated in this Consortium Agreement, no later than 30 calendar days after their nomination or before any confidential information will be exchanged, whichever date is earlier. The Coordinator shall write the minutes of the AB meetings and prepare the implementation of the AB's suggestions. The AB members shall be allowed to participate in Supervisory Board meetings upon invitation but have not any voting rights.

Prof M Bayer TU Dortmund
Prof V Falko University of Manchester
Prof F Koppens ICFO Barcelona