6 - Think Ahead Workshop 3 - Jan 2019 (Cambridge)

Think Ahead Workshop 3

  • Wednesday, 30 Jan 2019 - 09:00-17:00 - there will also be a workshop in the evening - 19:00-21:30 (times may vary slightly)
  • Thursday, 31 Jan 2019    - 09:00-17:00
JJ Thomson Seminar Room, Level 2, The Maxwell Centre, Cavendish Laboratory, Department of Physics, University of Cambridge, JJ Thomson Avenue, Cambridge, CB3 0HE

Lunch and refreshments will be provided in the meeting room.


'Researchers of the future' - Kevin Byron received his Ph.D in Applied Physics from the University of Hull and pursued a career in commercial research in photonics for some twenty five years. During this time he was an honorary visiting lecturer at the University of Glasgow, a member of an EPSRC peer review college and elected to Fellowship of the Institute of Physics. Throughout his time in industry he developed a growing interest in education and the development of creative skills. The award of a NESTA fellowship in 2002 enabled him to pursue these interests and following election as an honorary fellow of the HEA in 2006 he took up a post at the University of Leicester, and then Queen Mary University of London as research skills and enterprise developer. He has published over 80 peer reviewed papers and 60 patents and has authored 2 monographs and co-authored 6 academic book publications. He has presented his work on creativity and innovation at several international conferences in Italy, Canada, the USA, Qatar, South Africa and the UK. More recently he has worked as an independent research skills developer and facilitator working with some fifteen higher education institutions and industries in the UK and Europe. 

See below for further information.

'Responsible Innovation in Quantum Technologies' - Dr Philip Inglesant is a Research Assistant in the Human Centred Computing Group led by Professor Marina Jirotka in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Oxford. He is researching Responsible Innovation (RI) in quantum computing as part of the Networked Quantum Information Technologies (NQIT) Hub. He co-authored the NQIT reports “Thinking Ahead to a World with Quantum Computers: the Landscape of Responsible Research and Innovation in Quantum Computing” and “Responsible Innovation in Quantum Technologies applied to Defence and National Security”.  Dr. Inglesant has over thirty years' experience working in ICT, including technical co-ordinator with GreenNet, the Internet Service Provider for the environment, gender equality and human rights, and as a Unix system administrator with Internet companies.  He completed his PhD in the intersection of Human-Computer Interaction and Public Policy at University College London in 2007, and has since worked on areas including human and social aspects of information security and innovation in the Future Internet, at UCL and at the University of Edinburgh. He also holds an MSc in New Media, Information and Society from the London School of Economics. 

The aims of this session is to:
  • Raise awareness of Responsible Innovation with the SpinNano participants
  • Identify some Responsible Innovation issues in quantum science and technology
  • Build some ideas for a DEMOCS Game to engage a wider public
Dr Philip Inglesant will provide an introduction to the UK Quantum Technology Strategy and the NQIT Hub in the context of UK innovation policy, recognising that this is country-specific but with lessons for other countries. The session will enable participants to explore further the concept of Responsible Research and Innovation and the UK EPSRC's area framework, through reviewing examples of RRI in practice. Researchers will be challenged to consider what RRI they are already doing, how RRI can help them and how RRI can help to understand the issues. Experiential learning during this workshop will make use of interactive scenario-based activities and the preparation of a DEMOCS game with the view of developing an engagement tool for further public engagement opportunities.

I have asked Philip to provide us with a resource bank of reports related to Quantum technology science policy, in order for you to develop of depth of understanding of these issues.  I attach here a number of these reports. If you have got the chance to have a look at these prior to your visit to Cambridge, this could be valuable. I shared with you last year some of the UK PostdNote policy briefing. You may want to have a look at these as well here.

Dear Spin-NANO ITN researchers

I would like to wish you a Very Happy New Year!

In a couple weeks, we will be meeting for the last time as part of the 3rd Spin-Nano ITN Think Ahead workshop.

I am still finalising the programme, but I wanted to give you an outline so that you know what to expect.

In addition, I also need you to do a bit of work in advance of the Cambridge meeting.

We have called this workshop: "Researchers of the future"

The workshop will be facilitated by Dr Kevin Byron, who is an excellent facilitator.

The workshop will get you to consider notions of creativity/ innovation/ enterprise, but also industry, entrepreneurship and globalisation. 

You will explore opportunities for Knowledge exchange/Entrepreneurship and inter-disciplinarity in your approach to undertaking research.

As part of this workshop, you will take part in a Business Simulation activity. You will work in small teams during the afternoon of the Wednesday 30th January. In order to maximise your ability to undertake this Business Simulation, we will get you to work together during the evening of the Wednesday 30th January.

This will be intense but well worthwhile!

On the Thursday morning, your teams will present a business pitch to a panel.

We will finish this Think Ahead workshop, by getting you to consider your next step in your career through a career afternoon workshop.

During this Career workshop, we will:
  • consider your CV via the use of the Business Model You Canvas in order for you to articulate an effective “value proposition” of what you have to offer as a highly skilled professional
  • experience a mock interview
  • get your CV reviewed by myself and your peers
Preparation needed for the career workshop:
  1. Please send me a copy of your updated CV 
  2. A job advert you have seen previously (for Postdoc or non-research position), which we could use to get you to do a mock interview.
Please send these 2 items to me by Monday 28th January (by 12 noon at the latest- UK time)

I have offered to some of you before some coaching discussions. If you feel you could benefit from a 1:1 discussion with me to address any particular issue/ anything that you may find useful to discuss, please let me know and we can set up a time when to meet on the Tuesday 29th January.

If you have any questions, or if there are specific things/topics which you would want us to incorporate into the workshop, please get in touch as soon as possible.

I look forward to seeing you again.

Best wishes - Sandrine

Dr Sandrine Soubes l Researcher Development Manager l Faculty of Science l The University of Sheffield l New Spring House, 231 Glossop Road, S10 2GW l Tel: 0114- 222-4220 l Twitter: @SandrineSoubes

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Sally A Greenhough,
Jan 21, 2019, 1:01 AM
Sally A Greenhough,
Jan 21, 2019, 1:01 AM
Sally A Greenhough,
Jan 21, 2019, 1:01 AM
Sally A Greenhough,
Jan 21, 2019, 1:01 AM